Lattiz: always barista quality thanks to smart invention

22 April 2016

Coffee with milk foam is immensely popular. One third of all cups of coffee contains milk, for instance cappuccino or latte macchiato. Foaming the milk required for this is an art in itself, only mastered by experienced baristas.

A barista is a professional fully specialised in serving a perfect cup of coffee. It takes time and practice for a catering employee to learn how to properly foam milk in the coffee. The catering business cannot always provide this opportunity.

At the press of just one button

FrieslandCampina has found a smart solution for this in the form of Lattiz. This is a user-friendly total solution for the catering business with which any unpractised employee can quickly and easily make high-quality milk foam. Lattiz consists of a milk-foaming machine with corresponding cartons of unrefrigerated, long-life milk. The machine produces up to six cups of cappuccino per minute, but also provides various other latte creations. The preparation process is also very hygienic: it only takes the press of one button to produce a latte of barista quality. An additional advantage is that the machine does not require any difficult cleaning work.

Lattiz: a barista on demand

This revolutionary invention, on which FrieslandCampina has a patent, was developed in close cooperation with coffee roasters and entrepreneurs in catering. By now, the barista on demand is used in many hundreds of businesses in Europe.