Healthy food trend offers opportunities

19 August 2016

Joost van de Rakt - healthy food“Knowledge about good nutrition is becoming increasingly popular. I personally experienced this in the past year. I cycled ‘La Marmotte’, a 174 km tour through the French Alps with 5,000 altimeters this summer. For this I trained many weekends and I started to eat more consciously”, Joost van de Rakt, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina DMV/Nutrifeed, tells us.

“A good health is not only important for people who daily exercise and the ‘weekend warriors’ who sport fanatically in the weekends outside their busy working and family hours, but for the elderly as well. My father and mother, both over eighty years old, know that they have to regularly make a ride on their bikes and that they must eat consciously in order to stay healthy and mobile as long as possible.”

Joost joined DMV Campina 28 years ago and held various positions during his career, mainly within Ingredients and the supply chain. His current position is Managing Director within the business group Ingredients and responsible for both Nutrifeed and DMV. On the latter operating company Joost tells: “In our strategy route2020  milk proteins are given more attention, because they are an important nutrient. Besides, proteins are often made use of in the growing market for sports nutrition. This market represents eight billion euro and this offers opportunities for FrieslandCampina DMV to valorise more milk supplied by our member dairy farmers.”

Interest from around the world

“FrieslandCampina’s knowledge about dairy and young cattle sometimes seems obvious to us working at this company, but it is not. I learnt this when my oldest daughter had to choose a follow-up study. When she was still at secondary school, she visited a FrieslandCampina Ingredients trade fair in Shanghai. Only then she found out that the Netherlands, and Wageningen in particular, is the ultimate heart of knowledge about agrofood. She also saw that we as FrieslandCampina globally share our knowledge in, for example, the Dairy Development Programme  and that we make a contribution to improving the food safety, quality and productivity of the Chinese dairy chain through the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre.” With a sparkle in his eyes he adds: “This eventually made her choose for the study of food technology in Wageningen.”

In the heart of society

Joost enthusiastically continues his story, showing that FrieslandCampina is really in his genes. “I have a fixed group of cycling mates with whom I exercise on Sundays. Then we regularly talk about FrieslandCampina, also because two other members of this group are involved in the organisation as a driver of a milk truck and a dairy farmer. We talk about projects, about how special it is that we have such short communication lineswith our owners and suppliers and, of course, we discuss our products. I may say that FrieslandCampina is interwoven with our society!” The response of Joost to the question whether he will again venture to ride the ‘mammoth trip’ through the French Alps: “This really was a one time, last time thing! I am glad that I have been able to do this. It was a gift from my wife for my fiftieth birthday, but I spent the past weekends just riding my bike and now I am happy that I can spend more time with my fine family again!”