A glass of NoyNoy for every child!

21 October 2016

As many as 250,000 glasses of milk were distributed among children living in children’s homes in Greece under a CSR NoyNoy brand programme during the second half of 2015. And still counting in 2016! The programme called ‘A glass of milk for every child’ is an initiative of the Greek NoyNoy team and it had a great impact on Greek society, which is still heavily suffering from the economic crisis.

Chryssa Kentouris, corporate communications manager of FrieslandCampina Hellas, tells us: “We wanted to help society in these tough times and NoyNoy, the very famous dairy brand synonymous with children’s and family nutrition in Greece, showed its social character it is known for in Greece. No child should have to do without or with limited portions of dairy.”

NoyNoy decided to play an active role in supporting children living in children’s homes, which are led by NGOs and receive ever less support from the government. “Because of the economic situation in our country, the NGOs are unable to fully cover all the nutritional needs, even dairy needs”, Chryssa explains.

Christmas event

The NoyNoy team cooperated with five of the most reputable NGOs that are involved in the care for homeless children. “Last year, we launched a plan to distribute 250,000 glasses of milk through the NGOs among children and in particular those that cannot live at home with their own parents. We also involved consumers in our actions through social media and invited them to share good wishes and love with these children. The programme also entailed a request to our employees to visit the children and to give them small gifts on a voluntary basis. Finally, the highlight of the programme was a big Christmas event in a theme park for which we invited the children together with the employees of FrieslandCampina Hellas and their families”, according to George Anastasopoulos, NoyNoy brand activation manager.

Mitigate distress

“The respect, the attention and the free publicity that was given to the programme exceeded our expectations”, Chryssa continues. “Articles were published in national newspapers and magazines, and we appeared on five national television channels where Kostas Maggioros, our Managing Director, explained why we are doing this. We reached 3.5 million people through social media. The impact was really huge. We received many positive reactions, but this was not the reason why we did this. The main reason is to help children in need and to mitigate their distress a bit. At this moment, resources are limited, but we still manage to distribute milk. So far, we have provided a total of over 750,000 glasses of milk. Our NoyNoy marketing team really put a lot of effort in making this programme meaningful. It is successful and we do everything we can to keep it going.”