The Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV)

Dairy Development Programme case

28 June 2016

Through the Dairy Development Programme (DDP) FrieslandCampina enables local dairy farmers to run their businesses optimally and raise the quality and quantity of their dairy production.


Under the umbrella of the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) FrieslandCampina, Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI), Agriterra, The Friesian Consultants, Wageningen University and Research Centre cooperate with Dairy Cooperative KPBS in Pangalengan and Dairy Cooperative KPSBU Lembang to increase the livelihood of local (Indonesian) dairy farmers and increase dairy production. This Public Private Partnership project is co-financed for 40% by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The FDOV project is a win-win-win project which operates under three easy-to-understand pillars:

  • less & better
  • simple and effective
  • sustainable welfare

One of the key activities is the improvement of milk collection in the Pangalengan area by educating farmers and installing milk collection points (MCPs).  Please watch the movie below for more information about the new milk collection point in the Pangalengan area.

Education of the farmers focuses on clean fodder, filtering the milk, and using clean milk cans. Not only the farmers but also the staff of the milk collection point has been trained on the basis of newly developed Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for collection, quality control and registration the milk. A completely new cooled and automated tank with automatic registration and quality control facilities was built near the farms.

In the coming period two more automated MCPs will be built. Registration of the milk is now on an individual base. This motivates the farmers to produce more milk. The production of milk has increased by 10% since the introduction of this system.

Pillars of the FDOV-project

Less and better: substantially improve the milk quality, through optimization of the network and upgrade of the quality of the MCPs, in combination with improved management capabilities
Simple & effective: substantially improve the milk quality and quantity, though training, education and support
Sustainable welfare: substantially improve the productivity and sustainability at farm level, through the implementation of a Dairy Village farm concept

The implementation of the milk collection points is not the only activity FFI undertakes in West Java. The cooperative and FFI are now working on the gradual implementation of more SOPs under the umbrella of a newly developed system for Corporate Social Responsibility. In the same region FFI is preparing the setting up of a dairy village farm, which will serve as a model for all aspects of sustainable dairy production. One of the important environmental aspects is the handling of manure. In parts of this region this extremely valuable resource is disposed of as waste. FFI is stimulating the proper use of manure by developing a Waste Management Strategy, of which pilot projects in the regions are a part.

“We are happy with our cooperation with the Dairy Development Programme of Frisian Flag Indonesia. Our members get better prices for their milk, the quality of the milk improves and the milk production and distribution have become more sustainable”.
Pak Aun, Chairman Dairy Cooperative KPBS in Pangalengan, West Java