Comeback for Edam cheese in Spain

Hola Bola!

9 September 2016

“Edam cheese was particularly in favour among an older target group”, José Alonso, Country Manager FrieslandCampina Cheese Spain, tells us. The large campaign was aimed at two things. “In the first place, we focused on market penetration by broadening our target group. In connection with this, we introduced new products and promotions, such as a piece of Edam cheese for 1 euro to entice people into buying the cheese and try it.”

Hola bola

José continues: “Additionally, we developed a cross-media campaign in which we made use of several expressions through various media areas, such as television commercials, a new Facebook page, online banners and outside advertising, to show the versatility of Edam cheese. The cheese can be used for really many purposes: with lunch, as a snack, in or over meals or as dessert”. With the cheerful slogan ‘Hola Bola’ which refers to the shape of the cheese, the campaign successfully appealed to a younger target group. “It was quite a challenge to reintroduce a product that was successful 40 years ago into the market.”

Edam cheese popular again

The effect of the media campaign is clearly visible. The number of Spanish households that now also buys Edam cheese is evidently growing. José: “We will continue the campaign for the next three years, allowing us to acquire a permanent place in the hearts as well as in the fridge of the consumers.”

These intensive marketing activities remain necessary because competitors are lying in wait. “However, I have full confidence in the marketing and sales teams in Spain, which have already shown what they are capable of by saving the Edam cheese from oblivion,” José proudly concludes.


Source: Spark (FrieslandCampina Employee magazine), June 2016