Campina campaign: Strong and fit with Epke Zonderland

6 May 2016

Olympic and world champion on the horizontal bar Epke Zonderland is the figurehead in the Campina campaign that draws the attention to dairy.

‘Through this campaign, we pay tribute to everyone who is doing exercise, no matter whether they are young or old, amateur or professional. Exercising goes hand in hand with good nutrients and dairy provides these’, says Carola Boer, Marketing Director of Campina.

‘Plain basic food contains all nutrients I daily need’
– Epke Zonderland

Recovery of the muscles

Epke Zonderland wholeheartedly endorses this. ‘Just after a training session, I like to take a product rich of protein, such as yoghurt or quark, to help my muscles recover. People often think that top athletes only take special food supplements, but this is not true. Plain basic food, such as dairy, contains all the nutrients I need’, according to Epke.

Sympathetic and typically Dutch

Over nine million Dutch people exercise at least once a week. ‘We chose for Epke, because he represents everything that Campina stands for: he is strong and fit, sympathetic and typically Dutch. As a medical student and top athlete, he knows how important healthy food is. Apart from the goodness of dairy, the origin of milk also remains central in the campaign. For example, we organise the Campina Open Farm Days again this year. They will be held on 6 and 16 May 2016’, Carola tells us.

Epke Zonderland was also present at the Campina Open Boerderijdagen (Open Farm Days) 2016, on May 6 and May 16


Apart from its cooperation with Epke, Campina also works together with NOC*NSF, the main organization for organized sports in The Netherlands. ‘We are proud of this. As official supplier of NOC*NSF we work together on helping people to get fitter based on the power of dairy.’

Athlete Dafne Schippers also ambassador for Campina

Also Dafne Schippers, the most successful Dutch athlete in the world, will be collaborating with Campina. Dafne has a passion for healthy and flavoursome food. “Dairy products and sport are inextricably linked,” suggested the Utrecht-based sprinter.