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The dairy market in Romania is developing at a rapid pace. FrieslandCampina is making progress in this market with a number of different brands, aimed at a wide range of target groups. The Milli brand offers a large range of dairy products. Other brands are Oké and Napolact. The dairy snack Dots is also popular.

As is the case in Hungary, Milli is a strong and leading brand in Romania. Milli boasts a wide range of products; from desserts, butter and cream to chocolate milk, yoghurt drinks and puddings. The dairy snack Dots, which made its way to Romania from Hungary, is also a favourite. The snack is made with fresh quark in a layer of chocolate and also comes in a fruit-filled variety.

FrieslandCampina is sensitive to the fact that dairy is expensive for Romanians. In addition to Milli there are two other brands, the local Napolact and the budget brand Oké. Completa coffee creamer, known to Dutch consumers, is also available. 

Our operating company FrieslandCampina Romania has seventeen small sales offices, distributed throughout the country. FrieslandCampina has one production location in Romania.

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  • FrieslandCampina Romania

    Calea Baciului 2-4
    400230 Cluj Napoca, Romania

    T +40 264 50 20 00
    F +40 264 41 38 55


  • FrieslandCampina Romania

    Barbu Vacarescu, Lakeview 10th fl. 301-311
    020276 Bucharest, Romania

    T +40212068600

  • FrieslandCampina Romania

    Bega Street 1
    540390 Tîrgu-Mures, Romania

    T +40230211588

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